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FAQ Membership (Advantages of ESS membership)

FAQ 1: Who can become member of the ESS?

Every individual with an interest in understanding more about shock, trauma and sepsis - and also everybody who is determined to improve treatment of shock, trauma, sepsis and/or allied diseases. Scientists and non-scientists, physicians and non-physicians, academics and non-academics of any background are welcome to join the society.

FAQ 2: Why should a junior like me become an ESS member?

The ESS dedicates its efforts particularly to professional education of the young investigators in the field of shock, trauma, and sepsis. Therefore, junior scientists are a very important target group of the ESS - and very welcome!

FAQ 3: What are the advantages of being a member of the society?

The submission fee to Shock yournal is waived for all ESS members!!!
There are many advantages for ESS members, especially biennial conferences with cutting-edge multidisciplinary scientific exchange in a rather informal environment.
In addition, the ESS members have access to the society`s newsletter and receive e-mails with updates on important topics related to shock research.
Furthermore, the ESS confers several prestigious awards to selected members, such as the New Investigator Award in European Shock Research and the Günther Schlag Award. In addition, poster awards are given to top presentations at the congress. Furthermore, travel awards are provided to young/new scientists to attend the ESS meetings and present their scientific work.

FAQ 4: Can I effort the ESS membership?

Please note a unique advantage: the ESS membership fee for two years is included in the respective registration fee of any ESS meeting. In addition, we offer a more than 90% ! student discount on registration fees. Furthermore, full members get a € 100 reduction in registration fee for the biennial conferences.

FAQ 5: How can I contact the ESS?

You can contact us via the contact form on our website:

FAQ 6: How can I contribute?

Just visit an ESS meeting, become a member, take the chance to actively participate and you will see...